1. Wow!!! I have just been introduced to the WordPress.com community today, and don’t quite understand it all, but think I may start my own blog…still undecided. I reviewed only two existing blogs from the selection of blogs that WP presented. The first one was pretty short, but interesting. Then I looked at yours. I couldn’t stop reading it! Starting from August 2014 I continued to flow down to 2013 and finally June 2012…exhaustively searching for the beginning of your blog journey. The very first entry. It took several hours.

    You are a prolific writer, and your blogs on the legal aspects of the literary world were extremely interesting and informative. I loved the blogs on your beautiful children too. So kudos for being a very good mother along the way (your most important job!). Great pictures too!

    So I thank you for your endless writing energy. I am now a follower of The Misfortune of Knowing!

    1. Welcome to WordPress! You’re probably the only person who has ever read this “welcome” post. I started my blog two years ago because I thought that blogging would help me come out of my shell a little bit. It’s been a wonderful experience. I have met so many interesting and supportive bloggers, and the habit of blogging has even improved my legal writing (I’m much better at getting to the point than I used to be!).

      I hope you continue to enjoy The Misfortune of Knowing (thank you for following!), and good luck with your blog if you decide to start one (I recommend it!).

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