Thank you (and keep it up in 2013!)

Samira grinning in the snow
Today, with 2013 just around the corner, I am handing out blogging awards to a couple of the blogs I have enjoyed reading this year.

First, a word about these “chain” blogger awards.  I have said before how these awards are reminiscent of the chain letters I used to receive as a teenager.  However, unlike those letters, which threatened bad luck if you did not comply with its demand, these chain blogger awards have no strings of superstition attached.  It’s simply an opportunity to show my appreciation for other bloggers, while directing some of my readers to other blogs they might like.  For the honorees, as always, participation on your own blog is optional.  There’s no pressure!

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I am honored to have received this award from Cassandra Giovanni and Kas-a-Fras.  C. Giovanni, who blogs at C. Giovanni Writes, is the author of In Between Seasons, which is a post-apocalyptic romance, and Walking in the Shadows, a murder mystery romance.  Kas-a-Fras is the blogger behind livesimplykmm, where she discusses a range of topics, including books.   Thanks for nominating me!

Here are the rules for this award: (1) Thank and link back to the blogger(s) who nominated you; (2) Post the award graphic to your blog; (3) Nominate other bloggers who inspire you and notify them; (4) Share seven facts about yourself.

It’s getting harder to share seven little known facts about myself now that my life is an open book on this blog, but here goes…

(1)   I am shy.  I am happy to converse with people on the internet, but I am likely to cross the street to avoid running into someone in person.  It’s the unplanned encounters I can’t handle.  I’m okay with meeting for tea or going to a party (which I enjoy doing), as long as I have time to mentally prepare for it.

(2)   I don’t like surprises in general, making me particularly love book reviews with “spoiler alert” written all over them.  I want to know how a story ends before I begin it; I don’t need to know every twist and turn, but I want to know the broad outlines.  The joy I get in reading a book comes from the specific details—the writing style, the interactions between characters, etc.— that can’t be spoiled by knowing the plot points.  That said, I try my hardest not to include spoilers in my own reviews (not that I always succeed).

(3)   I eat very little meat, but I am not a vegetarian.  Almost everyone who knows me thinks I am, though.

(4)   No matter what I do, I cannot keep ficus plants alive.

(5)   It bothers me that my husband is 9 months younger than I am, and I know this is a silly issue to have.  It’s his birthday today, actually — he suggests you party tonight in his honor.

(6)   Despite having some age-related hang ups, I love being in my 30s.  I have control over the course of my life in a way that I never did in my 20s.

(7)   We are a family of insomniacs.  We never sleep.  My children are awake at midnight, and I was the same way as a kid.

Here are the blogs I am nominating for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, in no particular order (as I said above, participation is optional):

Roy McCarthy, an author who lives in Jersey, Channel Islands.  He blogs at Back on the Rock, where he discusses writing, reading, running, and other subjects.  His books are Barry-A Novel and A Jersey Midsummer Tale.

Jaclyn at Covered in Flour, where she talks about books, baking, and parenting.  I feel like I have a lot in common with her—we’re both attorneys, we’re the same age, our children are preemies, and we both love the Cotswolds.

Theo Fenraven, an author and photographer, whose newest work of fiction (paranormal mystery romance), The Lightning Struck Tower, will be available on New Year’s Day.

Jane at Robby Robin’s Journey.  She blogs about a range of subjects, from books to travel, including recent posts on the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu.

Molly at Wrapped Up in Books.  I have read a few books because of Molly’s insightful and thorough reviews.  She’s a writer and book reviewer who specializes in young adult literature.

Alesia at Alesiablogs.  She writes an introspective blog about genealogy, parenting, writing, and other subjects.  I appreciate the personal touch she brings to blogging.


Cassandra from C. Giovanni Writes also nominated me for the Blog of the Year Award.  Thank you so much!  The rules are here.

My nominations are…

Fransi Weinstein at Three Hundred and Sixty-Five, where she impresses me by writing a thought-provoking, interesting post every single day of the year.  I wouldn’t be able to pull that off.

Donna at Garden Walk Garden Talk, where she not only discusses interesting topics related to gardening, the environment, and photography, but where she also displays stunning images.  It’s a beautiful blog.

Jae at Lit and Scribbles, a writer whose creativity is second to none.  Her young adult work-in-progress, Shade, has received quite a bit of praise lately.

I look forward to seeing what these blogs and the others I follow have in store for 2013!


*I chose the top image because it conveys the sense of happiness I associate with giving and receiving recognition/awards.  The top image is my daughter S. in December 2009, enjoying a huge snowfall we had.  We haven’t had much snow this year, and the storm last weekend brought only an inch or so, just enough for a snowperson (see below).

Dec 2012 snow


  1. We don’t sleep either. I always think we’re weird cause my sister and her family are TV off and in bed asleep by 9. While I can get my kids in bed by 9:30 my middle one sings for a half hour later, the oldest is probably sneaking in some reading first and forget about the weekends we stay up all hours strewn about the living room floor or in random bedrooms.

  2. Awwwww, I’m honored – thanks for the nomination! I’ll definitely play along and post my own nominations (I’ve been out of town, hence the delay in replying). I agree that we have so much in common and I’m so happy that you found my blog and led me here this year. I always look forward to your exceptionally well thought out posts. Cheers to you, and happy 2013!

    1. You’re welcome! I’m very glad to have met you. I hope you had a nice time away from home (I remember how stressful it was to travel my kids were infants). Happy New Year!

  3. Sounds like we have a couple of things in common. My and my husband are night owls and I suspect our children will be too. I have my own hang-ups with being over thirty now, but you’re right that there is more control beyond your twenties. We’re different with everything else on your list, but it was good to get to know you better. Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks! This gives me four stars on that award. 😀 By the way, I love, love, love the pic of your daughter enjoying the snow. Such a great pic! And totally how I feel about snow. Congrats on your awards and thanks for the nomination!

      1. Aw… why… yeah, a little sideswiped by such a generous compliment. Thanks! I’m grateful that I get to meet good blog buddies like you. 😀

  5. AMB, congrats on your well deserved awards of recognition and many thanks for including me in your list. I am pleased to be in such good company. May 2013 be a good year of blogging – and living – for everyone!

  6. Ah, thank you AMB. A real honour coming from a discerning blogger. Well done on your awards and I’m off to look at those you list that I’m not familiar with. Happy New Year!

  7. I am celebrating for your husband tonight! Happy Birthday. I am three years older than my husband. It seems wierd, but after 22 years of being together, I guess we are ok with it. lol Alesia PS Thank you so much for the award.

    1. Aw, thanks! My husband had a very nice birthday, despite it being New Year’s AND close to Christmas. We try to make it special for him. As for the slight age difference, it really doesn’t matter, but it’s one of those things that stays in the back of my mind. It’s totally irrational!

  8. Congrats on these great awards– you deserve them! I was surprised to hear that you’re shy! I also don’t eat much meat. It was great to learn some new things about you. Best if luck in 2013!

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