The Toddlerhood Stage Of Blogging: Making New Friends


At nine months old, my blog is no longer an infant, assuming “Internet years” aren’t quite 365 days long in light of the rapid rise of some blogs and the relatively short lifespan overall. Last September, as I reflected on my blogging experience, I said:

I can say that I have enjoyed blogging, an activity that does more than satisfy my narcissism.  Blogging hones my research and writing skills and keeps my brain limber.  This blog is a place for me to chronicle my thoughts, sort of like a public diary, and I’m looking forward to revisiting what I’ve written on literary themes, the law, and parenting to see how my thoughts have evolved with time and exposure to new ideas.  If any of these thoughts are worthy of comment from someone passing through the blogosphere, then that’s a nice bonus, but it isn’t necessary for me to think this blog is worth it: I could blather into the WordPress void forever!

Now, further into my blog’s toddlerhood, I feel largely the same about the benefits of blogging. The only difference between now and then is that I no longer see the blogosphere as a “void.” Blogging has turned out to be a far less solitary experience than I had anticipated. I have met many interesting people whose blogs have entertained and inspired me.

Blogging awards are a way of showing appreciation for such blogs, and I was delighted to learn that Jumbled Writer nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. He pens thoughtful posts on a variety of subjects, from perfectionism in writing to Lance Armstrong.


The Rules for this Award:

(1)   Display the award logo;
(2)   Link to the person who nominated you;
(3)   State seven facts about yourself;
(4)   Nominate and link to fellow bloggers.

Seven Random Facts about Me:

  • I don’t have many regrets in life, but one of them is my decision to stop taking Spanish after freshman year of college. Thirteen years later, my Spanish skills are embarrassing, and my five-year-old children speak more of the language than I do (they take lessons).
  • I drink a lot of tea, usually between five and seven cups a day.
  • Purple crocuses are among my favorite flowers. They are the only ones in bloom in my garden on my birthday, unless the daffodils are early.
  • I am slowly converting my husband into a Jane Austen fan, and I am happy to report that the process is going smoothly. We finished watching the BBC mini-series of Pride and Prejudice, and now he has expressed an interest in reading the novel.
  • I have a love-hate relationship with Dr. Seuss books. His letters to fans suggest he was a lovely man, and I do love some of his books (such as Oh, the Places You’ll Go!), but the ones with a bunch of made-up words annoy me and don’t enrich my children’s vocabulary (though they love them). I have a similar love-hate relationship with wordless picture books, as I discussed in a previous post.
  • I fear airplanes and I try to travel by plane as little as possible.
  • Phone calls make me nervous. It was far worse in the days before caller ID, but even now, I worry about participating in impromptu conversations.

My nominations (obviously, participation is optional!):


    1. You’re welcome! It’s wonderful that you’re sharing your grandparents’ World War II letters with the world. It’s such a treasure. I’ve enjoyed reading the letters and your comments about them.

    1. You’re welcome! I very much enjoy reading your blog (and I’ve added a couple of the books you’ve reviewed to my list).

      I’m picking up some Spanish now that my kids are taking lessons, but my Spanish skills will never be what they once were. Oh well!

  1. Congrats. I too have a fear on planes, but using them is often unavoidable. I got searched at the Miami airport this past trip because I must have looked nervous. Then on the way back the agent questioned my hair color as not the same as my passport.

    1. Thanks! Yes, planes are unavoidable and it doesn’t help that I get searched so often. After 2001 (until around 2004), I was searched almost every time I flew (which I did often between Boston and Philly). Those were the days when searches were particularly invasive, too. Ugh.

    1. Thank you and you’re welcome! I have enjoyed reading your blog, and several of your children’s literature recommendations have made their way into my home.

  2. You melt my heart thinking I have written something that has inspired you. I have so much respect for how you write and conduct yourself with such a balanced approach in your blog. Thank you and I will try to get to the seven unknown facts about myself to blog on. I better be quick too because I have been known to turn a fact about myself into fiction very quickly!! haha

  3. Congrats– I took 7 years of Spanish and the best I can do is say: how are you? My name is and goodbye in several different ways. I don’t really regret it, though. I just never really enjoyed it. I would like to learn ASL. I’m drinking tea now! As for Jane Austen, if I don’t watch a movie for about two months my husband asks what’s wrong! As for reading them– he hasn’t even read my books, so there’s a fat chance he’ll read hers. I’d love to hear what your husband thinks once he reads it!

    1. Now that my girls are learning Spanish, it’s starting to come back to me, but I wish I have kept it up with Spanish literature and travel. Oh well!

      I will keep you updated on my husband’s progress with P & P. I think he’ll like it!

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