Replacing a Mug with a Bookmark

two mugs

After I broke one of my favorite mugs, my eldest daughter* gave me another mug, one made out of pink construction paper. She drew the same design on it — our family portrait. Isn’t she sweet?

M Close UpIt has become my favorite bookmark, not that I have much use for bookmarks these days. My new books tend to be digital, not paper.

In my house, traditional books, ones with “soft pages,”** don’t stand a chance after my youngest grabs hold of them. With Kurt Vonnegut: Letters, thankfully, she has not ripped any pages, but she has definitely left her mark:

Scribbles (2)

I’m the type of person who never writes, highlights, or in any other way defiles a book. But I don’t really mind my daughter’s scribbles. I hope that someday, perhaps a decade or two from now, I will pick up this book and rediscover my daughter’s artwork. Maybe I’ll come across the bookmark, too.

Poking out of book (2)

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

*She’s only six minutes older than her twin sister.

**To quote Harper Lee (See Illiteracy and the Digital Divide: The Difference Between “Soft Pages” and “Cold Metal”)


  1. Oh, that’s too sweet! I also don’t have much use for bookmarks as I also read ebooks these days, but I still like to collect them.

  2. When my oldest was younger, and I had to watch her little cousins as well, when digital books were not that common, we taped the bottom two shelves of our bookcases so that they couldn’t stick their little hands through and get to my books. I couldn’t either but…

  3. That’s the sweetest thing ever! What a fantastic kid. 🙂 Yeah, I’m in the same camp as you. Paper books seem too inconvenient now. Maybe I’m too much of a technology geek, but I love that I can carry around an entire library with me. And if I want to read a book “right now” I can. And I love that I can read samples from books to see if it’s something I’d want to purchase. But I still appreciate a cool bookmark, especially if a very sweet kid made it. 😀

    1. I love carrying around my entire library, too! It’s so much easier than paper books, which certainly have their charm, but no longer fit into my life. I never thought I’d say that.

      1. That’s how you know it’s an effective and useful product when it seduces you right out of your old mindset. I only became an e-reader believer when a friend sold me hers for cheap. I thought, sure, I’ll give it a go I guess, I still like paper books better. Now….

    1. Maybe your books will be spared!
      My youngest also loves to color the walls and furniture when we’re not looking. Most of it is washable, but some of it will be around until we decide to paint.

  4. How cool. And thoughtful. I hope you do rediscowr the scribbles and the bookmark years from now. It is guaranteed to evoke some wonderful memories.

  5. I’ve collected bookmarks ever since I was little. One point that caught my eye was: “not that I have much use for bookmarks these days. My new books tend to be digital, not paper.” It makes me think: am I less inclined to ebooks because I have been so attached to bookmarks my entire life? I’d not thought of the idea that way.
    I used to not write in paper books, but with the amount of revision I do nowadays, I have to break my rule – I guess it would be useful for me to get computerised versions and highlight and footnote.

    1. I prefer ebooks largely because I’m able to highlight and write comments without defiling the book. I also revisit passages often, and it’s so much easier with an ebook. I ended up getting “Kurt Vonnegut: Letters” as the hardcover book, and I find the form so annoying! When the ebook decreases in price, I will get it.

  6. Your daughters are so cute! I probably would’ve cried if I had a kid that did that for me. I’m a big softy though. Thanks for following my blog! I hope I write something you’ll enjoy or find useful. 🙂

  7. What a sweetheart!

    I agree with Sonya- I have a much-reduced attention span when I’m holding the kobo. I can read a paper book for hours. Not so with the eReader. Maybe I’ll get past that.

    1. Thanks! It took some time before I was fully comfortable using an e-reader. Now I prefer it to my paper books, which I find so cumbersome (particularly if they’re thick books).

  8. That’s brilliant! 🙂 So cute.
    After spending so much time reading ARCs on my Kindle, I’ve found I love paper books more than ever… My attention seems to wander when I’m reading an ebook – no idea why!

    1. Thank you! I was so reluctant to start using an e-reader, but now that I do, I find paper books to be so inconvenient now (much to my surprise!).

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