Two Lovely Berries: Thank Yous & An Apology

Two Lovely Berries_Cover August 2014I usually have no trouble blogging about a variety of topics, from sloth mating to dinosaurs, but I’ve had “bloggers’ block” when it comes to discussing my creative writing. As some of you have noticed (I’m looking at you, Miss Alexandrina), I don’t blog much about Two Lovely Berries, my New Adult novel, or my current WIP, which is progressing steadily. I just find it easier to talk about other people’s books.

Still, I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to the readers who have given Two Lovely Berries a chance, including those who have mentioned it on their own blogs:

(1) Monika from A Lovely Bookshelf on the Wall:

(2) Roy from Back on the Rock:

(3) Katie from Words for Worms:

  • Two Lovely Berries by A.M. Blair (Aug. 28, 2014): “I found the story engrossing from the start. Books that focus on interpersonal relationships sometimes turn a corner into a weird introspective place, but I thought Two Lovely Berries stayed grounded firmly in reality. Everything was realistically portrayed, and even the dramatic bits avoided abject melodrama. Tales of infidelity, workaholics, family violence, and sibling rivalry all blend together with refreshing glimmers of humanity that make the whole thing just work.”
  • Double Vision (An Idiosyncratic Lit List) (Aug. 29, 2014): “[A]fter reading Two Lovely Berries last week, I’m inspired to talk about twins in literature… (1) Nora and Aubrey Daley from Two Lovely Berries by AM Blair: Oh these girls! They knew they’d never be the dress-alike-and-live-together-forever kind of twins, but they didn’t see all the crazy that was coming their way. Sharing identical genetic codes doesn’t guarantee a strife-free existence!”

Finally, I wanted to apologize to those who have asked me when the paperback will be available. While self-publishing saved me time up front—I never wasted a minute on writing a query letter, for example—it’s challenging to be the only one responsible for publishing the book. With such little time to devote to creative endeavors lately, I haven’t been able to finalize the paperback yet. It doesn’t help that my perfectionism gets in the way of approving the proofs. Honestly, I don’t know how any of the self-published authors I’ve come to know and love manage to do it all.


    1. Hi, biblioglobal! I’m not the best self-promoter. I also find it hard to juggle different identities on one blog (book reviewer/commentator vs. author). I started this blog with the intention of writing book reviews, and it grew from there. I don’t write much about my own book partly because I know that my New Adult novel will only appeal to a small subset of the readers who regularly stop by my little piece of the Internet.

  1. Oh, hi. *waves* 🙂
    I shall try and get around to reading it over the holiday break, so that I can review it on my blog. 🙂
    For what it’s worth, I’m always impressed by those who self-publish. I can’t do self-advertising so I know self-publishing will never be the route for me, but there are a lot of authors who do so well at it.

    1. Hi Alexandrina! Thanks for considering my book, but please don’t feel any pressure to read it if the subject matter doesn’t appeal to you. I mentioned you in this post because I remember you once saying that you had originally started following this blog because I was writing a book (and then never talked about it!). It’s hard to write a blog with multiple identities (book blog vs. author blog).

    1. Thanks! New Adult seems to be the best category for this book, but it falls into a couple of categories. It features a 20-something who is still “coming of age” in many ways.

  2. I really need to read this. It’s on my Kindle waiting for me, but I have so little time to read these days. I manage one or two pages in the bathroom every morning, and that’s about it. 😉 Glad to hear you’re writing another book! Hopefully, I’ll finish this one before that one is released.

    1. I have such little time to read these days too (and I still have The Haunted Maze waiting for me!). Please don’t feel any pressure to read TLB. I’m proud of my story, but it definitely isn’t going to appeal to everyone. I’m already grateful to you for the words of encouragement and also for purchasing it.

      As for my second WIP (which is actually my third–I completed a 75,000 word one a few years ago, but I doubt I’ll ever share it publicly), I’m working on it a little each day. It’s really fun. 🙂

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