Happy Halloween (From Frog & Cobra)!


The night before the Character Parade, the school’s sanitized celebration of Halloween, a very sad little tree frog struggled to finish her homework. Apparently, doing homework in costume doesn’t make the experience more fun for my second grader.

At least she and her sister were all smiles the next morning at the school’s parade. At this event, the children dress up as storybook characters in lieu of the more traditional ghouls, goblins, and ghosts. As I discussed in “Banning” Halloween:

While Halloween staples exist between the covers of countless children’s books, it seems like the whole point of the school’s decision to hold a low-key “character parade” is to move away from content that might offend some members of our community who view the tradition as an endorsement of paganism.

For my bibliophile kids, the character parade is just as fun as a typical Halloween parade. Here they are this year:

Frog and Cobra
The books were Adventures with Frog and Toad (which bothered S. because, in her words, “I’m a different species of frog!”) and A Crazy Day with Cobras.

Happy Halloween!

*Thanks to my lovely sister for picking out these costumes with the girls!


  1. Can you please tell me where the frog costume was purchased or if you remember the brand name? I am trying to track one down for my daughter and she just loves this one! Thanks!

  2. Your girls’ school seems to be making a good job of the Hallowe’en compromise i.e. being creative and having fun. Though how people can in all seriousness claim that a few witchy costumes can offend their religious beliefs has always been beyond me. It doesn’t say much for the robustness of that religion.

    1. Yeah, Halloween isn’t what it once was. Celebrating it in school doesn’t violate the First Amendment (because no one can reasonably view it as endorsing or inhibiting particular religious beliefs), but that doesn’t stop many school authorities from discouraging it. It’s sad!

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