Who Says Redheads Can’t Wear Pink?!

S with pink frames

One of my little redheads recently got a new pair of reading glasses. I love them on her.

As you can see, my daughter continues to strongly disagree with Anne Shirley about whether redheads can wear pink (see Dear Anne Shirley: Redheads CAN Wear Pink).

We’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about Anne of Green Gables as we work on Anusha of Prospect Corner, our retelling of L.M. Montgomery’s classic story. Our modern Anne is named Anusha. She’s a redhead of the same background as my daughters, who are a quarter Sri Lankan. We were 16,000 words into our story when I discussed it last month in Who Would Choose to be Born in December? Now, we’re almost 30,000 words into it.

Each week, I write a couple of new chapters, which my twins critique. Then, they make suggestions about what should happen next. Yesterday, after reading a perplexing “get well soon” card Anusha received after an accident forced her to stay home from school, one of my daughters (the one pictured above) asked if we could write other cards from her classmates.

In response to my daughter’s request, I put together a “get well soon” card from Josie, whom L. M. Montgomery describes as a girl with a “malicious smile.” Here’s what our updated Josie wrote to Anusha:

Card Gif Take 2

I’ll write the rest of the cards — ones from our versions of Diana, Ruby, and others — with my girls. This project is so much fun. 🙂

*The pink frames are from Zenni Optical.

**In case you didn’t catch the whole message from Josie, this is what she said: Dear Anusha- I heard you showed that oak tree who’s boss! Everybody’s been talking about you so much that it hardly feels like you’ve been absent. I can’t go a single day without hearing something about you. Hurry back! ~XOXOXO~ Josie


    1. My kids were surprised by Anne Shirley’s views about her hair color. It was the first time they heard anti-ginger sentiments (in the US, where we live, red hair is very popular).

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