What Does An Asterisk* Mean To You?

aholeRecently, I was in a meeting at a company that uses a giant asterisk in its logo. The asterisk doesn’t refer to a footnote at the bottom of the logo. It doesn’t replace the dot of the letter “i” or “j” either. It’s just there, and I’m not sure why.

To me, an unaccountable asterisk can only be one thing: an asshole à la Kurt Vonnegut.

Have you read Breakfast of Champions?

I’m not sure how many people have even heard of it these days. No one else at that meeting seemed to think the PowerPoint presentation was covered in assholes.

See also, Kurt Vonnegut’s Literary Reputation: More Evidence That American Culture Must Be In Decline.


  1. I’m reading this because I am looking for a hand drawn asterisk….. because I want one as my product logo….

    You have shatter my dream… like a fissure

    1. That’s pretty close to what their asterisk looked like. I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers Breakfast of Champions!

      1. When my husband and I were dating we discovered that we’d both read through pretty much all of Vonnegut’s books at about the same age, back in high school! That wasn’t that common, so it was intriguing.

  2. Lol I can think of one company with a giant asterisk in its logo, but the asterisk is 2-colored…so it replaces what should be a hyphen, but at the same time portrays what the company does. 🙂

    1. In this case, the asterisk is just all over the place. It’s really strange (to me). I use asterisks for footnotes, but that’s about it. Thanks for stopping by!

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