1. I’m marching on Saturday too! I rarely participate in public demonstrations, but I’m trying to push my boundaries a bit. I think it’s important.

  1. I am marching on Saturday, not in DC but in St Paul. I have never been to a march before and I am really excited!

    I am also working on ways to volunteer on local environmental issues. And when spring comes I have decided to start bicycle commuting to work. I always take public transit, but I think the more cyclists on the streets, the better because then the city, which is already pretty good regarding cycling, will be more likely to address issues and create better infrastructure that will benefit all kinds of alternative forms of transportation.

    1. I’m marching in Philly! I’m excited about it too. It’s unusual for me to participate in a public demonstration, but I think it’s really important. I love hearing about what you’re planning to do to protect our environment. I’ve found your posts about gardening very inspiring too.

      1. Excellent! A nearby neighborhood is a transition neighborhood and I am trying to figure out how might get involved there. Also the food forest group that is trying to get a money wasting public golf course nearby turned into a community food producing park was granted some of the golf course to plant a small orchard. I plan to be there on arbor day to help plant it!

    1. I hope everything with your move is going well! I bet you’ll be able to grow all kinds of amazing plants that would never grow in my area (I’m jealous).

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