A Review of My Courtroom Drama Update to Pride and Prejudice

Many thanks to Melanie of Grab the Lapels for her thoughtful review of A Case of First Impression, a legal drama inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

She writes:

My favorite part about the novel was the courtroom setting. Skipping the TV/movie drama, Amal creates lawyers who follow procedure, and her legal expertise shows on the page. I was especially surprised that people on the stand didn’t tell these long, dramatic stories and instead answered each question directly and without offering more information than necessary. If there was more information needed, the lawyer would ask. I was relieved, to be honest, that courtrooms aren’t the zoos I’ve always imagined — surprise witnesses, someone busting through the court room door with a piece of evidence no one knew about, some kind of “you can’t handle the truth” off-the-rails speech.

I loved reading Melanie’s thoughts about my novel. It’s a positive, but well-balanced review that highlights what worked as well as what didn’t. She has given me some food for thought as I continue to write.

Find her full review here: https://grabthelapels.com/2019/04/26/a-case-of-first-impression/

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!


    1. Thank you! The idea for the novel came from one of my twins after we watched the BBC miniseries together. She didn’t want Lydia to end up with Wickham. My update includes some serious themes, but it was interesting and fun to write.

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