Feeling Lucky While Social Distancing

Look at what I found today! It’s a six-leaf clover, which I tucked into the pages of Anusha of Prospect Corner, a modern update to Anne of Green Gables that I co-authored with my twins. Anusha, our version of Anne, finds unusual clovers.

Here’s the description of the book:

I had just finished writing a comment to Melanie of Grab the Lapels about Anusha of Prospect Corner when I found this six-leaf clover. What a fun coincidence!

I hope it brings us all luck. I’m trying to remain upbeat these days, despite the news and the knowledge that so many people are suffering right now. To help stop Covid-19 from spreading, I’m practicing social distancing, staying at least six-feet away from other people. We’re under a stay-at-home order, but we’re allowed to walk around the neighborhood. For those of you in a similar situation, if you have access to a lawn, searching for unusual clovers might help pass the time.

*This is my second six-leaf clover. There’s a picture of my first one at the bottom of A Review of Anusha of Prospect Corner.

This is where my newest six-leaf clover resides (Anusha of Prospect Corner)


  1. Very good luck indeed! My toddler nephew has started saying furiously “You have a GOOD LUCK!” when he is very angry, so now the words “good luck” sound a bit like “to hell with you!” in my mind. But really and truly I do wish you and all of us good luck in this weird time.

  2. Not sure St Patrick would have approved – he relied on just the three leaves to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagans of Ireland 🙂 But nice when these little co-incidences happen. Stay safe all.

    1. Normally, I find the four-leafed ones. They’re more common, but I still get excited about them. I hope you’ve had a nice weekend.

      1. I’ve heard about people finding ones with more than six leaves. Maybe I’ll find one like that during this quarantine. There’s something so calming about walking through the yard.

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