Amelia Elkins Elkins, Nothing But Patience & More (Reviews)

New Book: A Modern Retelling of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility with a Legal Twist

See Grab the Lapels for a review of Nothing but Patience: “The characters in Nothing but Patience are lovely and consistent. Even the hateful people are humanized fairly under Blair’s careful hand. I especially loved interactions between Noor and Maryam and their newfound Uncle Ahmed, also from Sri Lanka, and his husband, Jack.”

In Nothing but Patience (available now on Amazon), a modern story based on Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, Noor Dashel must contend with losing two family members, leaving her home, and handling potential litigation that might tear what remains of her family apart. To make matters worse, she’s starting to get close to the brother of the main person she plans to sue.

Sense and Sensibility begins with the passing of an old gentleman. His will “gave as much disappointment as pleasure.”

This modern update begins with an obituary:


In this modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, Amelia and her sisters turn to the American court system to seek justice for their mother’s death. It’s too bad that their conceited, silly father is doing everything he can — inadvertently, of course — to hinder their success.

REVIEWS of Amelia Elkins Elkins:

  • Macarons & Paperbacks:
    • “If you are looking for a contemporary novel that is so much more than just an adaptation of a classic, Amelia Elkins Elkins should be on your To-Read list! A. M. Blair’s book evokes feelings of sympathy, anger, intrigue, and of course happiness as a former couple reunites in a quest for justice.”
  • My Vices & Weaknesses:
    • “Michael is as loveable as Frederick… You really need to grab a copy and read it, I only hope that you enjoy Amelia Elkins Elkins at least as much as I have enjoyed it.”

Amelia Elkins Elkins (2015): E-book Format; Approx. length 318 pages; Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Legal Fiction, Adaptation


Two Lovely Berries_Cover August 2014TWO LOVELY BERRIES

Nora and Aubrey Daley were never going to be the type of twins who lived together from womb to nursing home, despite their inseparable childhood in suburban Philadelphia and their matching Yale degrees. Their lives diverge soon after graduation—too soon, in Nora’s opinion—when Aubrey’s marriage to her college boyfriend changes more than her last name.

Two Lovely Berries is an exploration of the struggle for individuality between identical twins, complicated by family violence, divisive relationships, and personal demons from which even those born into a life of privilege cannot escape.

A. M. Blair is the pseudonym of a Pennsylvania-based writer who blogs about literature and the law at The Misfortune of Knowing. Under her real name, she is an attorney and the mother of three, including a pair of monozygotic redheads whose refusal to accept sugar cookies instead of overpriced spatulas in a gourmet foods shop inspired this story. She received her B.A. in history from Yale and her J.D. from Harvard.

Two Lovely Berries (August 2014) is now available through Amazon: See Here

Genres: New Adult, Women’s Fiction, General Fiction

Thank you to LED Manuscripts for their careful edits.


REVIEWS of Two Lovely Berries:

(1) Eclectic Scribe:

(2)  A Lovely Bookshelf on the Wall:

  • Review: Two Lovely Berries by A.M. Blair: “Two Lovely Berries is a wonderful character-driven novel, and I just loved A. M. Blair’s writing. She pulled me right into the twins’ story and kept me in their world until the last sentence.”
  • Five Favorite Books Recommended By Others: “[T]his is a wonderfully satisfying self-published title that pulled me out of a reading slump. Katie at Words for Worms is to fault for this recommendation.”

(3)  Back on the Rock:

  • Book Review–Two Lovely Berries, AM Blair: “Thoughtful and incisive, the author ensures the pages keep turning with her flowing style. There is always enough tension between the various parties to want to know how it’s all going to work out, for all of them.”

(4)  Words for Worms:

  • Two Lovely Berries by A.M. Blair: “I found the story engrossing from the start. Books that focus on interpersonal relationships sometimes turn a corner into a weird introspective place, but I thought Two Lovely Berries stayed grounded firmly in reality. Everything was realistically portrayed, and even the dramatic bits avoided abject melodrama. Tales of infidelity, workaholics, family violence, and sibling rivalry all blend together with refreshing glimmers of humanity that make the whole thing just work.”
  • Double Vision (An Idiosyncratic Lit List): “[A]fter reading Two Lovely Berries last week, I’m inspired to talk about twins in literature… (1) Nora and Aubrey Daley from Two Lovely Berries by AM Blair: Oh these girls! They knew they’d never be the dress-alike-and-live-together-forever kind of twins, but they didn’t see all the crazy that was coming their way. Sharing identical genetic codes doesn’t guarantee a strife-free existence!”



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