An Interesting Meeting Place (Thank You)

Sometimes, when I blather into what I have previously called the “void”—the blogosphere—people respond in meaningful and thoughtful ways.*  At those times, it’s not really a void.  Rather, it’s a diverse and interesting meeting place.

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to be featured on Freshly Pressed.  Through the comments on my post, Uncovering Our Roots: Why Does Family  History Matter?, I learned a little bit about some of the people who inhabit the WordPress universe.  I shared my thoughts on a memoir, which several of you have expressed interest in reading, and I got to hear about your own family histories, why you are either interested or not interested in genealogy, and the ways in which you have benefited from your genealogical detective work.  This type of exchange of ideas is what blogging is all about.  So, thank you to everyone, whether you participated in the discussion, reblogged the post, or read it and thought about it.

These interactions highlight the fact that we are connected in many ways, not only through our overlapping ancestries and but also through the internet.

It was nice to meet you all.  Help yourself to tea and cookies, and I hope you will stop by again sometime.

Regular content will resume shortly.

*Thank you to my regular readers.  I always look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you’re up to on your blogs.


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