Popular Posts

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(Freshly Pressed)

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J.K. Rowling As “Robert Galbraith”: Is it Consumer Fraud? (July 2013)

Vonnegut’s Literary Reputation: Evidence That American Culture Must Be In Decline (April 2013)

No Two Alike: Encouraging Individuality in “Identical” Twins (January 2013)

Do Book Review Bloggers Need Credentials? (December 2012)

Uncovering Our Roots: Why Does Family History Matter? (November 2012) (Freshly Pressed)

Just Make a Mark: Encouragement or the Celebration of Mediocrity?   (September 2012)

Perfectionism and Publishing (August 2012)


My Favorite Posts:

Racial Diversity in Children’s Books: The Pros and Cons of Subtlety
(June 2014)

An Unexpected Reaction to Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights
(January 2014)

It Doesn’t Take Money or Magic To Multiply Gifts (December 2013)

How Do you Talk to A Child About The Holocaust? (October 2013)

Revisiting the “Soft Pages” of Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird
(July 2013)

The “Brontosaurus” Between Us (June 2013)


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